Subliminals for green eyes

How are you guys? A: is good if your just starting out. However, if you have been listening for awhile, feel free to add more! It all depends on how fast you want results. The Maximum you should ever have in your playlist is A: Yes!

subliminals for green eyes

You absolutely need to flush. If you switch subliminal without flushing, imagine all the clutter and affirmations in your subconscious! A: Now this is definitely a common question. Something that would clash, would be something that completely contradicts and is the opposite of each other.

Because both are towards the same goal. Lightening your eyes! Do you see how it works?

Get Green Eyes In 6 Weeks! Biokinesis Subliminal Affirmations Warlock -Change Eye Color!

A: Months. This completely depends on YOU. Everyone is different, some people get results in 2 days while others take up to a month to even see results! A: A subliminal booster is a audio that you listen to at the beginning of your playlist to boost and help you get fast results. It is extremely recommended you have one! A subliminal flush is a audio to remove previous affirmations that are clutter in your subconscious.

You only use them if A: At least 30 minutes! Are you staying hydrated? Drinking water is a key to getting results, your subconscious needs the energy.

Have you ever considered that your volume might be too low? Comment or PM me! Sending you guys love, positive vibes and fast results! Hi guys! I have a question. How many different subliminal boosters can you use? If i want to change sub booster, do i need to use flush?This Subliminal Audio Potion was created to produce Frequencies Subliminals Rife Frequencies Biokinesis Hypnosis and much more to change your eye color to green in 6 weeks!

Listen daily and consecutively to allow the momentum of the potion to build up and produce significant results. You may listen will multitasking or doing other things such as watching TV, studying, doing chores or anything else as long as you listen. Race, Gender, Language Spoken, karma, religious background nor current residence have nothing to do with generating results. Remember, We are connected to everything around us.

The things you focus on will appear for you. All you need is an open mind, a willing heart and a sincere desire to bring amazing things into your life.

And always remember that positive thinking is essential to the success of your magical practice.

Can subliminals change your eye color?

You must be very specific and clear when requesting your potion or I will not be able to create it for you. No, Although you may not realize it, each headphone is actually sending slightly different frequencies to each ear. If you listen to a binaural beat recording without headphones, it will still produce results.

Simply get yourself into a comfortable position and listen. Just let the recording take you on a journey. You can listen to the audio while multi-tasking and performing various tasks all you have to do is listen.

Listen in a comfortable low volume. Results will vary from instant results to 6 months of consistent listening and will be worth it trust me.

You should also ensure that any special audio features on your player are disabled, such as Dolby Surround. Using these audios should should be a fun and exciting experience. Keep in mind that the more you listen the quicker the results will appear. Listen until you achieve your desired results. Your email address will not be published. Polybius Subliminal Messages. Get Green Eyes In 6 Weeks! Anonymous Videos. February 3, Subliminal Affirmations.Need help? Call us: A few people have even offered me a lot of money to make custom subliminals to change their DNA.

But firmly, because it has always been the case that mindset changes are the most important and most realistic changes you can expect to get from subliminal suggestion. Genetic expression can change. Your DNA has several options on how to express itself and those can change throughout your life based on environmental influences, diet, physical activity and yes, even mindset.

But changing your genes themselves is so far beyond the capabilities of what I offer here that I would never make such a promise. Why not focus on the things you can change?

Beautiful Hazel Green Eyes | Change Eye Color | Powerful Biokinesis – Subliminals and Frequencies

Be happy with the body and mind you have, while striving to perfect them to their full potential! It is a much more fulfilling pursuit to work on developing what you have than to wish you could change everything. And you will achieve so much more in life if you focus your efforts on the possible instead of fantasy.

Eat healthy. Read voraciously.

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Master a skill or hobby. Believe in creating a better you, instead of a completely different person, and you will love what you become more and more each day. This new and unproven subliminal landscape.

For example: You want to have a lucid dream, yet very few can even remember dreaming let alone becoming lucid or have a OBE Out of Body Experiences or Remote View the past, present or future! These are real events that go on with a small percentage of people known as psychics!

But the fact is it happens and this happening brings these gifts closer to a probability success than a remote possibility! Amazingly, many people today have PTSD, there is no cure! You could naturally have one and few have over the years; then this possibility becomes closer to a probability factor and speedzen could indeed push it over the edge and more than likely you will experience something while using the program.

Hi Den, I liked your comment and it made a lot of sense except for the example you gave about lucid dreaming. You state that its possible to have one, but not so much probable, because few have that ability.

Im confused because it seems like many people over the centuries have had lucid dreams. Some have them by accident, and many others have learned to have them at will. Perhaps you meant that the results people get by attempting to have lucid dreams traditionally are less likely to have them if they arent using a subliminal message recording? Im trying to discover an efficient route to having lucid dreams on demand. Im hoping Speedzen will help with that.

You must be logged in to post a comment. I turned them down. Politely, of course. And you should be wary of any subliminal producers that do.

They are lying or deluded. Previous post: The easiest way to get faster subliminal results right now…. Charles Albert Beaton.

subliminals for green eyes

Log in to Reply. Hope this makes sense!So here are 8 tips to get you started! When you write future-tense affirmations, they can manifest a year from now or a decade from now and the idea is for them to manifest in as little time as possible. I assume that using both would make your subliminal more powerful since your subconscious is absorbing and retaining from both perspectives, allowing your subconscious to become more multi-perspective.

Good Example: My eyes are very light right now. I am losing melanin immediately in my eyes right now. Seo-Yun is losing melanin in her eyes right now. Using DNA code in your subliminals encourages your brain and your subconscious to grant your results faster because it knows what to change and how to change it within the body. Example: I have green eyes. This is something a lot of popular and emerging subliminal makers always do and I strongly recommend doing.

Having a clear idea of what you want will make it easier and faster to make and it will make you feel more involved in the process. Exaggerated affirmations ie. While you might not actually want to weigh 10 pounds, this encourages the subconscious to shed fat faster, therefore giving you a slimmer figure faster. Forced affirmations are like regular affirmations, but more direct and demanding on the subconscious.

Example: I demand my subconscious to lighten my eye color. I am forcing my subconscious to remove the melanin from my eyes right now. I am now asking my subconscious to remove the melanin from my eyes right now.

Visual subliminals are subliminals with affirmations blended into the pictures that are semi-visible to the naked eye. You can find examples of them in various subliminal Instagram pages, like mine, which is qlcssykisses. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences.

I will add more as I think of them btw. Good Example: My eyes are green right now. Bad example: My eyes are becoming green. Likes Comments Like Why do I want to throw up when I listen to or watch the genetic code sequences?

If I put these sequences in my Android application visual subliminal message does it also work? And dna writer does it work for attract crush? Can I use with kinemaster? Does work in other languages?

Featured post Hotlines. Featured post Kindness challenge :rainbow: :heartbeat:.So, biokinesis is the ability to control and change ones genes DNA by just using the psychic powers of mind.

But, if biokinesis is possible, then it means, it is also possible to change not only eye color but also hair and skin color. There are several factors that determine your eye color. The amount of light passing through the iris and the way it scatters gives the color. The color of the iris ranges from light blue to dark brown. The most common colors are blue, green and brown. Brown is the most common eye color as it is more dominant allele.

On learning biokinesis, you can change your eye color by controlling the amount of melanin and the way the light passes through iris. This can be achieved by controlling your subconscious mind and changing your genes. The best way to practice this is by meditation or using subliminal messages for changing an eye color. It is believed that, with the help of biokinesis you can change your eye color only to either blue or green or brown. If you think of changing your eye color to any other color such as pink, purple or orange, then biokinesis will not work.

This is due to the fact that your subconscious mind already knows that it is unnatural and impossible.

subliminals for green eyes

Before training biokinesis, one must practice meditation for a few days that help your mind to relax and keep calm. This helps to control your subconscious mind and will be easy for you to get the desired outcome. To do this technique, you must have some knowledge on science behind the eye color. I have already explained a bit above, but you must have more deep knowledge regarding this.

The other technique that is very simple to use is listening to subliminal messages or a visual messages on your computer screen that are related to biokinesis. The time it takes to work is different for each person. The stronger your belief, the stronger it impresses on your mind and the faster you will make. It may take anything from few months to few years depending on your practice and belief system. It is utmost important to keep in mind that learning biokinesis is something like messing up with your own genes.

It is not something to play around like other psychic powers such as telekinesis or pyrokinesis. You must have a complete knowledge on this as you are dealing with your own DNA. Just reading this article is not enough for your biokinesis training. So, it is necessary to be very careful while attempting this psychic power and keep in mind that it is very dangerous to leave the practice in between the transformation.Biokinesis is the use of kinetic energy to control or rearrange genes and structures inside your body.

Changing your eye color with biokinesis involves manipulating your body with your mind 1. It is thought to be a dangerous practice if you aren't careful or quit between starting the procedure and finishing it. It takes time, practice and learning how to appreciate yourself. Lay down on a comfortable, soft surface in the time right before you go to sleep. Relax and focus on the peaceful emptiness that's present behind your closed eyes.

Visualize your body in its relaxed state. In the visualization, your eyes should be closed. Watch as your body opens its eyes and observe the color of the eyes change to the shade you desire. Deeply focus on the particular color of the eyes. Envision the body with the new-colored eyes being absorbed by you and becoming you. Visualize yourself opening these eyes and looking in a mirror.

In the reflection, see your eye color as the new, desired one. Re-enter a state of consciousness. Reflect on the exercise, what you did and what you saw. Focus on the change you seek. Repeat the process every night for one month. Whenever you look into a mirror, visualize your eyes as the new eye color.

subliminals for green eyes

Convince yourself that your eyes are the desired color. Watch as your eyes begin to change. With time, your mind will see your eye color change into the desired color. Be very careful when doing biokinesis.

Some people have reported experiencing blindness when attempting to change their eye color. You may determine the risk isn't worth it. She is a broadcast journalist-turned Director of Marketing and Public Relations and has experience researching, writing, producing and reporting.

She writes for several websites, specializing in gardening, medical, health and fitness, entertainment and travel. Shetsky has a Bachelor of Arts in communications from Marist College.

Monitor the health of your community here. More Articles. Diseases and Injuries.Affirmations: My eyes are now ready to accept these affirmations My eyes are now ready to transform I now ask my eyes permission to change My eyes now grant themselves permission to change I now ask the universe to quickly and safely transform and change my eye color and its current function My eyes now transform to have optimal health and functionality My eyes now have 20 20 vision My eyes are now self regenerating and self rejuvenating My eyes now transform to the most attractive sea green color The melanin in my eyes immediately reduces to create the most attractive sea green color My irises now quickly and safely develop and manifest and transform to the most attractive sea green color.

My limbal rings now quickly and safely develop and manifest and transform to become supernaturally attractive and dark. For you. Your email address will not be published. New Corporate Secret Subliminal Messages. Super Soldier — Subliminal Affirmations. Anonymous Videos. January 27, Subliminal Affirmations. Listen times a day for maximum results. Affirmations listed in the description box. Visited 1 times, 1 visits today. Anonymous January 25, Anonymous January 27, Comment 14 my eyes burn and tears r running down my face like athletes.

My eyes went from dark brown to light to hazel to…. Like for updates. Omg i cant belive it My god damm eyes are extremly greenThank you so much thank you!!!!

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